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Our Story

AK Subs was started in 1994 by two friends with nothing else better to do.

Actually one of them worked nearby and frustrated by the lack of places to eat lunch in the neighborhood decided to open a place similar to where he had worked in college.

The neighborhood has changed a lot in the last 29 years but AK Subs has never changed from its primary mission statement. It still offers excellent food that will fill you up, but not cost you a whole lot of money.

AK Subs was founded with the belief that food could be tasty, filling, and healthy all at the same time. The easiest and best way to do this is with freshness and picking the right suppliers. 

Bread comes from three different bakeries that each specialize in a particular style that is delivered fresh everyday and is made without any preservatives.

The produce comes from the local farmer’s market when in season. When not in season, it is bought from a vendor that specializes in greenhouse produce. This way our produce is from local growers as much as possible. 

Lastly, our meat comes from three different suppliers. Our deli meat is Boar’s Head Brand the premier deli meat provider in the United States, our fresh meat is all natural with no hormones or antibiotics and free range, our chicken is free range organic chicken from Petaluma and our fresh fish is wild red snapper caught in the waters off Canada and flown down to us.

The next step to providing a quality meal is a happy staff. Our employees have worked with us for a long time. Our shortest tenured employee is 8 years while our longest is 22 years. We have seen marriages and children, suffered together and partied together. We have stood by our employees during some of their darkest moments, and they in turn understand and believe in our mission statement and strive to provide you with the best meal they can.

AK Subs is green and has been for 16 years. We converted to composting long before it was mandatory. We were one of the original grease recyclers in the city. Almost all of our consumer items are compostable or recyclable. Our cleaning chemicals are biodegradeable.

We hope you have tried us and enjoyed your experience, but we are aware that we are not perfect. We apologize for any mistakes we have made or will make and appreciate any input or suggestion you may have. If you do not want to tell us in person go ahead and email us.