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You have found our SECRET menu.

Secret Menu

Listed below are some combinations or other items not listed on our regular menu.
Impress your friends with your intimate knowledge of AK Subs.


Ta Special$6.45

Named after one of our original founders (Tony) it is just a little bit of dry italian salami served on your choice of bread with mayonnaise and mustard. Tony's mom was a packer for Gallo Salami so this was our standard lunch at Tony's house.

Aaron Pizza Sandwich$8.98

Aaron was one of our employees who created this sandwich, but he didn't eat veggies so this one comes with just pepperoni. If you want a pizza with just pepperoni order this and no more questions will be asked.

Rick's Grilled Ham & Cheese$10.13

Our grilled cheese sandwich served with a generous portion of ham. Rick has been ordering this for 15 years and complains his name isn't on our menu. Rick, now it is, so be quiet.

Philly Cheese Steak Options

Chicken Philly$11.52

Get our Philly Cheese Steak made with chicken instead of beef.

Pizza Up My Philly$10.60

We add our marinara sauce for a really good combination.

Philly Freaky Fries$11.98

The Philly served over a bed of fries instead of on bread. Ask for some ranch or blue cheese dressing to put on top.


Pasta and Meatballs$10.98

We put our pasta salad in a big container then add 4 meatballs with some sauce to give you a unique combination.

Chili Cheese Fries on Monday$5.99

We take our fries and cover them with chili and cheese.

But if not Monday...$4.61

Try it with cheese and bacon which we can do any day of the week.